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Un weekend formidable

Mengutip dari blog ibu GabriellaΒ Β yang judulnya sama persis ama blogpost ini. I just had a very great weekend. I went to Paris to see Pentatonix with her. And dayum, Pentatonix really blew all our minds. You can go see Gebi’s post about or watch the brief review here in this video:

And some extra fun stuff from the footage that I have:

As Gebi has elegantly put it, I think there is only one thing to say: thanks Ash Ketchum for letting these two pokemons run wild in Paris. πŸ˜€

Still Alive (For The Moment)

I don’t know where to start. It feels like an eternity, while it was just really 4 months ago the last time I posted something. “AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT” is what the cool people say to that. Hahaa. But honestly, I have been thinking of starting a video blog. It looks easier and more fun, but I haven’t built up enough confidence to put things up online. That being said, I guess I will stick with the ol’ good wordpress for a little more while.

Some background info. So right now, I am still in France, I moved to another city: Strasbourg. Which is located on the French border, close to Germany. I moved in Β at the beginning of July, with the help of my friend: Fakhri Afiff, who was nice enough to visit me while he was on vacation and accompanied me all the way to Strasbourg. He also helped me finding my apartment in which I am currently living in. Since I had been wanting to better my french, I was focusing on shared apartments and I found one which is really cool and real close from my lab. So, I am living in the apartment with 2 other people: one French girl and one half-German half-Italian guy. They are crazy people and we don’t have one common language to speak in with each other. The “speakable” languages are: English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian. And since French has the highest point average among the 3 of use, we picked French. And also the other guy and I want to better our French. But of course, inevitably we make silly mistakes. Like over and over again.

Meet Margaux and Enrico!

After I got the apartment, I left for Indonesia for a month and a half. It was for the Ramadhan and the Eid Al-Fitr (no idea how to spell this) as well. It was a good vacation and I got to see friends, family and also.. eat a bunch of stuff!! But the time to go back to school came soon, thus once again I had to leave my home sweet home for the better future. This time, with a whole new purpose: my doctorate study.

So, talking a bit of the serious stuff. My thesis topic is a workflow analysis in the operating room. In simpler words, I am making a system to recognize what is happening in the operating room during surgeries, using all available data, may it be surveillance or endoscopic videos, kinematic data, or whatever. Doesn’t sound simpler? Well, I am sorry. Hahaa…
I am one and a half months in, I am loving the work so far. However, I have to say that it is not a kid’s game. Pursuing my academic career meaning that everything I am doing has to be justifiable, not only in my own head, but also has to be accepted by others. Nights spent without reading a paper/textbook lead to unbearable guilt in the morning. Weekends spent without running experiments make me suicidal on the following Mondays. Well, maybe not that dramatic, but you get the point. Why Andru, you sound like you’re having regrets. No, never. For sure, I have to work harder and I might not get out in one piece. But I want this, I can be better at this, and mark my words I will be really good at it. πŸ™‚

On a lighter note, I had my graduation party mid-September which was basically just a party where we humiliated everybody by asking them to sing their favorite song. Literally everybody, even the lady who is responsible for our bank accounts couldn’t escape from the trap. It was a great night!
So I returned to Le Creusot after 6 months, I couldn’t bear the joy and the longing of the feeling being home. Le Creusot has that effect on me, it feels like home. Temporary, but home nonetheless. When I stepped out of the train, I couldn’t hold back a smile and the smile was still there for a solid 5-minute. Meeting my friends and professors certainly brought another whole level of joy. It was one good weekend, though in the end I fell sick. But it was expected from me, since on the last day in Spain (during thesis defense week), I fell terribly sick as well. I guess, it’s the world trying to tell me that I am getting older. Hahaa..


Le Creusot on fire

Well, here I am. A 23-year-old kid, again stranded in a city abroad, trying to put a mark in his tiny little world by pursuing his life goals. If all goes well, I should finish this chapter of my life in 3 years. So, if I tell you now that I am not having regrets, well come again in 3 years, and ask me then. πŸ˜›

Thesis, PhD and Glee

Oh man! It has been too long!! Well, let me tell you that I am DONE with my thesis. Done, done and done! Well, not technically. I still gotta present it and am still contractually bound to work for another month. But still, at least some of the pressure is off my shoulders. Damn, the last four months have been, to say the least, one of the cruelest roller-coaster ride in my whole life. The emotional ups and downs were just oh man, exhausting. But, now that I will be done in a month. I can not wait to move on to the next thing.

So, most of you might already know this, but a couple weeks ago I got a PhD offering from a place in Strasbourg (in France FYI). I accepted it not long after it was being offered to me. I am just so excited to move there since it’s (kinda) a big city. I haven’t lived in a big city in France. Though I am really close to Nice right now, I don’t actually LIVE in the city. So my whole 2 years in France was spent in small towns. Well, I am not complaining, those two years were fun and all, but you know, you just want to have a change from time to time. And Strasbourg sounds like a good change to me. Not to mention that one of my friends from Le Creusot will be there as well. So, I will not be so lonely at the beginning. I am also planning to share an apartment, instead of renting my own room. First, it is more expensive since it’s a big city and second, I wanna improve my French like really. I wanna be fluent after finishing up my PhD. I guess 3 years should be enough to master the language.

Anyway, now that I have submitted my thesis. I have some free time in my hand. And I am planning to spend it by watching GLEE!! OMG, I missed the whole season! Can you believe it!? Semester 3 and thesis work really took a lot. I didn’t have enough time to catch up with any of my TV series guilty pleasures. I missed Glee, Dexter, Revenge, oh man everything! I have watched Glee up to episode 7 now, so far so good. I make a note to myself that I shouldn’t stop watching TV series no matter how busy I am. Watching Glee reminded me a lot of stuff, life lessons that I forgot. It’s good once in a while to get reminded of your purpose, the bigger picture. And TV series do remind me of that from time to time.

So, here I am. Still a master student. About to finish in 2.5 weeks. I will defend my thesis on 19th of June. And I will be done with this and move on to Strasbourg where my new life will wait for me. Wish me luck, guys. For now, I will be back to my Glee marathon. πŸ˜€

Surviving 365 Days Living Abroad Without Durian

So officially, I’ve been living a year in France now. Exactly one year today. A little coincidence, last year I got to Le Creusot on 12th of September, and this year I got back here from my internship on the September 12th as well. How curious is that!? Ahahaa..

During this one year, everything went brilliantly. Even though not everything was as how I had expected (e.g I don’t like Paris that much), but everything is well nonetheless.Β  It has been fun too. When I looked back to my previous posts and pictures on Facebook and here, I felt quite nostalgic (staring high at the sky..). The first moment setting foot on the land of France, the first moment I met fellow Indonesians, and many other firsts.

First Dinner with The Gundars

For my second year in France, I’m hoping everything will go even better than the previous one. I hope I can land on more projects with more funding (yeay, money!), I hope my thesis project will go smoothly without a hitch, and other hopes. One of the important things is I hope it will be as fun as the previous year, when I got to meet a lot of new friends, sharing new experiences.

With fellow Vibotians and MCVs on first culture trip!

It’s been a year and I miss Indonesia so much. I didn’t think I would miss it this much. Of course I knew I would miss my family, but I thought that Indonesia was so screwed, I wouldn’t miss living there at all. It was only for the first three months when all the things felt new and captivating. After all that jazz, I started missing home. All the little habits, food, friends, basically all of it. And durian, oh almighty durian. It’s been a year, baby! I miss you so much. :* :*

Hopefully, I can go home in December, spending new year’s eve at home. If I can’t make it on new year’s, then maybe I have to wait until the summer holidays. Just wait for it, okay!? πŸ˜€

All and all, it has been great and I’m looking forward to my second year in France. Come at me!!

PS: A little nice quote by Terry Pratchett –Β  “Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” I hope I will be a better person when I get back to my home sweet home. πŸ™‚

This Time, It’s Monaco!

Whatsup, pretty people!? How is your vacation going? Did you have a great eid? I hope all is well for you. For me, it’s going great. I’m in my last two weeks of internship. I’m so ready to go back to school. And last weekend I just had an amazing trip to Monaco. And this post will be all about the trip.

So, Monaco is a very small country (kingdom? not sure) which is famous for being the host of F1 races. It’s very close to the city where I live in. It only takes 40 minutes of train to get there and 2 euros away. So, last weekend I decided to go to Monaco. I’d been planning to go for quite some time, but I didn’t find quite the right time to go. And last weekend was just perfect for me to have a little vacation of mine. πŸ˜€

The weekend started pretty rough, because on Friday, I just realized that I booked a 9 am train to Monaco, which is hell early for the weekends. And when I got to the station, I found that my train was 2 hours late! 2 hours late!!! Thank God, there was another train heading to Monaco in just 15 minutes. Phew.

View just outside the station

View just outside the station

First impression of Monaco is, it was SUPER PRETTY!! When I got out of the train station, I was welcomed with this super awesome view. The hills, the roads, the sea, the boats, the trees, everything just seems so perfect, too perfect it even felt like it was plastic. After admiring the view for a few minutes, I took a trip downtown, right to the old town. To travel inside the city, there are bus lines that you can take which only cost 5 euros for a daily ticket and 2 euros for a one trip ticket. My suggestion is to get this daily ticket because you will absolutely take a lot of bus rides due to the cruel ups and downs.

Everything looked beautiful and clean. The big houses, the view of the blue sea, of the blooming flowers. Every sight was as breath taking as the previous ones. I’ve heard that the country was only for the rich, so I wanted to find out by eating in a quite decent restaurant. From what I saw, the prices were pretty much the same as in Paris or any touristic destinations. So, I guess the expensive part is not the food but the housing, which I didn’t find out because I was only there for the day.

As for things to do, I don’t think Monaco has that much to offer other than crazy beautiful views and beach. Well, that might be not true. You can try the boat ride and enjoy the famous Monte-Carlo Casino as well, if you’re rich that is. πŸ˜›


Which leads me to my resolution (kinda). For me, Monte Carlo is definitely the getaway destination, where you don’t want to be bothered and just chill. Because despite the many tourists around town, it didn’t feel overcrowded for me. I could still enjoy the walk in the park, the beach view and a lot of stuff, without the demophobic or claustrophobic feeling. So, I want to work real hard so I can have enough money to actually live here in my old days, or maybe just to have a vacation on every other summer to enjoy the breeze and the view of the hills and the sea. If you’re around, you should totally come visit!

Mengatur Pola Makan Berpuasa Ala Si Oom

Postingan kali ini, gue mau berbagi pengalaman gue tentang pola makan selama berpuasa saat musim panas di negeri orang. Sudah rahasia umum, puasa di musim panas itu berarti puasanya lebih panjang, leaving time window untuk makan jadi lebih pendek. In my case, it’s around 7 hours jam 9 – 4. Tapi berhubung itu motong waktu tidur juga, jadi mari kita asumsikan gue cuman bisa makan selama 4 jam.

Yang pertama kali gue khawatirkan adalah asupan air. Dalam waktu 4 jam, gue harus tetap bisa maintain minimal 2.5 liter air sehari, apalagi buat menghadapi siang hari yang terik. Salah satu trik yang gue terapkan supaya lebih banyak minum adalah minum dari botol 750 ml. Minum dari botol ini bisa membuat gue jauh lebih banyak minum daripada di gelas. Alasannya adalah kalo di gelas kapasitasnya ga sebanyak di botol, jadi capek bolak balik ngisi gelasnya. Biasanya tiap hari gue siapin dua botol air minum yang selalu gue refill sampe penuh sebelum buka. Jumlah botol harus dua, soalnya kalo cuman satu males bolak balik ngisinya, alesannya sama dengan knapa ga make gelas. Kenapa ga tiga? Karena lebay aja kalo tiga biji. Kenapa ga botol 1.5 liter? Karena ga nyaman minum dari botol segede itu IMO. Gue selalu ngisi dua botol ini sampe penuh sebelum berbuka, biar begitu berbuka gue bisa langsung minum banyak. Dua botol ini biasanya gue pake selama seminggu. Meski rutin gue cuci rasanya geli aja minum dari botol yang sama lebih dari seminggu. Dalam rentang waktu 4 jam, gue bisa minum 4 botol air minum.

Lalu, yang penting juga adalah karbohidrat, protein, vitamin dan serat yang cukup. Inget, berpuasa itu bukan berarti jadi pemalesan di siang harinya. Not pointing fingers, tapi di Indonesia mungkin orang masih bisa maklum lo berleha-leha di saat kerja atau bahkan jam kerja jadi lebih pendek. Di sini mah no mercy. Mana peduli mereka gue puasa atau ngga. Justru dengan gue puasa mungkin mereka ngira gue bisa kerja lebih banyak karena gue ga perlu istirahat makan siang. The point is asupan gizi yang seimbang itu penting biar pas siang hari tetap melek.

Begitu berbuka biasanya gue mulai dengan makan yang manis, biasanya makan dua cookies atau satu pain au chocolat (roti coklat), lalu nenggak setengah botol air. Kalo berasa kenyang, solat dulu sebelum makan beneran. Begitu perut agak nyaman (biasanya 15 menit setelah roti), baru makan perdagingan. Gue biasanya makan ayam sih soalnya murah, yaah dikira-kira lah segimana porsinya, dibarengin sama sayuran juga, yang paling gampang ya selada. Sesudah itu gue akhiri dengan yoghurt stroberi. Biasanya sih segitu gue udah kenyang. Tapi kalo masih belom kenyang gue makan buah, either apel atau pisang. Mendingan apel sih, pisang kayanya gulanya lumayan tinggi dibanding apel. Jangan lupa! Minum yang banyak!

Biasanya gue bener-bener beres makan semuanya itu jam 10-an. Sesudah itu, gue cemil-cemil kecil lah. Sedikit junk food dan coklat biar hati tetap gembira. Biasanya gue ga tidur ampe jam 1-2. Nah, gue sekalian sahur aja jam segitu deh. Sebenernya masih kenyang sih, tapi dimasukin roti dikit sih masih cukup. Biasanya gue makan sandwich turkey+keju+selada buat sahur. Sudah deh. Selesai rutinitas makan gue dalam sehari. Tak lupa diakhiri minum yang banyak. Gue usahakan tidur minimal satu jam sesudah makanan terakhir masuk ke mulut.

So far, puasa gue (dari sisi lapar haus) alhamdulillah lancar dan kayanya guenya juga lumayan sehat. Bibir ga pecah-pecah pas siang hari. Ga kerasa lemes-lemes amat kalo siang pas kerja. Kalo masalah ngantuk sih puasa ga puasa kayanya selalu ngantuk kalo udah sore. Ahahaa.

A few pointers yang harus diperhatikan menurut gue selama puasa adalah:
1. Lingkar perut. Kadang orang jadi buncit karena puasa soalnya begitu beres makan langsung tidur dan karena jadi jarang olahraga juga. Not only is it unattractive, penambahan lingkar perut yang drastis itu juga menandakan ada yang salah dengan pola makan kita. Jadi kalo buncit mendadak, coba ditilik kembali pola makannya.
2. Siklus boker/pipis. Ini penting banget karena ini outlet pengeluaran racun dari tubuh kita. Perhatiin siklusnya. Mungkin untuk boker bisa berkurang cukup drastis, wajar lah menurut gue, asupan makannya juga jauh berkurang. Tapi jangan sampai terlalu drastis dari kebiasaan. Gue yang biasanya boker sekali sehari, selama bulan puasa jadi dua hari sekali. Sorry kalo too much info, TAPI INI PENTING! #drama
3. Pola tidur. Berhubungan ama yang nomer 1 sih. Jangan sampe begitu beres makan langsung tidur. Ini juga ga baik buat perut. Yang pernah gue baca, asam lambungnya bisa naik ke kerongkongan terus bisa bikin ga enak perut deh.
4. Tetap berolahraga. Ahahaa,, ga kebayang kan seorang Andru nyaranin olahraga. Tapi that’s the truth, meski puasa tetep harus olahraga. Yah, mungkin ga kayak biasanya lah. Tapi setidaknya jangan sampe bener-bener cuman mendem di rumah nungguin bedug doang. Jalan-jalan dikit lah nikmatin matahari. πŸ™‚

Meskipun puasa tinggal dua minggu lagi, gue harap tips-nya bermanfaat. Dan semoga puasa dan juga semua amal ibadah kita diterima oleh-Nya. Amin. πŸ˜€

Puasa, Prancis, Musim Panas (Take 2)

So, godaan selanjutnya adalah.. JENG JENG JENG.. SHOPPING! Ahahaa. Dangkal banget yak gue? Tapi kalo lo shopaholic kaya gue, lo bakal ngerti. Di Prancis ini lagi summer sale yang mana adalah sale paling gila-gilaan di sini. Diskonnya beneran diskon, ga diskon terselubung kaya di Indo. Yang diskon pun banyak brand, bahkan carrefour pun ikutan diskon. Oh, dan ga cuman baju! Gadgets pun ampe didiskon, meskipun ga segila-gilaan baju. Nah! Menahan nafsu untuk menghabiskan uang selama bulan puasa kali ini jadi lebih berat dari biasanya. Perasaan “ga mau kelewatan diskon” bercampur aduk sama “harus menahan”. So far, perasaan “harus menahan” is winning. Well not exactly “harus menahan” yang menang, tapi perasaan “ga punya duit” yang lebih dominan. πŸ˜›

Godaan kedua: mata kelayapan. Yang kebayang pas summer apa? Yep, girls with tank tops, hot pants, etc etc. Sempet khawatir sih gimana caranya supaya bisa nahan mata biar ga kelayapan. Lagi-lagi Allah sayang sama gue. Gue dapet tempat tinggal yang agak jauh dari pantai, jadi di tempat tinggal gue ga banyak yang pake baju begitu-begitu. Selama di kantor, mostly gue habiskan di ruangan yang mana isinya cuman gue, temen magang gue, dan supervisor gue. Jadi, setidaknya aman. Keluar ruangan pun kebanyakannya cowo. Kalo cewe pun, paling ibu-ibu lah. Jadi no disrespect, ga segitunya lah, ;). The most possible encounters itu paling di halte bus, soalnya nunggu bus suka lama biasanya, jadi kadang suka pemandangan. πŸ˜›

Tapi satu godaan yang ga bisa ilang regardless where you are adalah ngejaga omongan! Mau puasa ga puasa, di luar negeri di dalam negeri, di toilet ataupun di kantor, ngejaga omongan itu susah banget. Wait, what? Lo ngobrol apaan di toilet? Well, you know me, *wink. Ahahaa, gue kan kalo doing number two pasti bawa tablet, nah biasanya gue suka chatting yang akhirnya berujung ke ngomongin orang atau apa lah ga jelas. Ahahaa. Mungkin salah satu alasan kenapa godaan satu ini kuat adalah kondisi gue sekarang yang ga begitu sosial. Hidup gue cuman kantor-rumah doang. Ngobrol ama temen magang pun jarang banget soalnya dia ga bisa bahasa inggris. Dia kalo ngomong prancis suka ga pake perasaan ngebutnya, jadi males deh. Eh, tuh kan jadi ngomongin orang. Sudahi sudahi paragraf ini segera. πŸ˜€

Yah intinya puasa di luar negeri itu beda sama di Indonesia. Don’t wanna say that it’s worse here, so let’s just say it’s different.Tapi toh intinya buat beribadah. So I think, selama niatnya lurus dan hanya untuk-Nya semata, it doesn’t really matter where you are. πŸ™‚

Anyway tadi pagi gue baca sesuatu yang bagus: jangan jadikan puasa menjadi ajang menunda nafsu hingga magrib tiba. Menahan nafsu itu harusnya terus menerus. Udah berapa kali lo denger hal yang serupa? Lo setuju tapi toh akhirnya lo kembali lagi ke mode yang sebelumnya. Gue sih kayanya selalu deh. Sayang banget ya. Semoga puasa kali ini gue bener-bener dapet esensi itu ya. I hope all of us will. πŸ˜€

….. aaand scene.

PS: Read this article. It’s great and brilliantly written.

Puasa, Prancis, Musim Panas (Take 1)

First, selamat berpuasa bagi yang menjalankan. Semoga puasa kali ini lebih baik dari puasa-puasa sebelumnya dan semuanya dapet berkah puasa ya. πŸ˜€

Let’s go straight to the point, kali ini gue mau cerita tentang puasa di negara orang. FYI, ini pertama kalinya gue berpuasa di luar negeri, ga ketemu keluarga dan teman-teman. Cukup menambah tingkat kekangenan gue. Kangen buka barengnya, semua kelompok yang “maksa” supaya bisa bikin buka bareng, contoh: “buka bareng yang suka Justin Bieber”. Kangen semangat taraweh ke mesjid sama anak-anak kompleks (yang biasanya cuman di awal doang, colek Obi-Puja). Kangen menghabiskan waktu di rumah dengan bermain PS berjam-jam. Kangen kolak simpang dago. Banyak lah rutinitas puasa gue di Indonesia yang gue kangenin.

Dan info tambahan, sekarang lagi musim panas di sini. Buat beberapa yang ga aware, puasa itu dilalui mulai dari subuh (matahari mulai terbit) sampai magrib (matahari terbenam). Nah, konsekuensi dari musim panas adalah rentang waktu dua kejadian ini menjadi lebih lebar, mengakibatkan gue berpuasa selama 17 jam, dari jam 4 ampe jam 9. Pertama kali ngebayangin sih, buseeet gimana caranya. Yang paling gue takutkan adalah rasa hausnya karena kan namanya juga musim panas ye, ya kering aja ga sih kebayangnya tenggorokan. Bukannya gue takabur ga takut laper, cuman gue ngebayanginnya Insya Allah kuat lah masalah laper.

Pernah nyobain test drive puasa senin-kamis sebelum Ramadhan, ga kuat gan! Pulang kantor pasti udah pusing-pusing masuk angin gitu. Udah lah langsung minum begitu sampe rumah, ga kuat. Tapi somehow, berkah Ramadhan kali ya, pas gue jalani puasa benerannya somehow ga sekerasa itu kok. I’d be lying kalo gue bilang gue ga laper/haus, tapi somewhat it’s all bearable. So far, pulang-pulang pun kayanya santai aja dan (Alhamdulillah) ga pake pusing. Satu hal yang kepikiran: Allah sayang sama gue. Makasih ya Allah. πŸ™‚

Selain itu, time window untuk makan pun jadi lebih sempit jadi cuma sekitar 6-7 jam. Gue menganut kepercayaan kalo abis makan jangan langsung tidur, niatnya supaya ga buncit-buncit amat. Harusnya selang waktu tidur-makan itu tiga jam, tapi sejam minimal lah buat gue. Sayangnya ga mungkin gue buka jam 9, tidur jam 12, sahur jam 3 dan tidur jam 6. Aneh aja. Jadi gue berpikir bahwa mungkin lebh enak kalo ga sahur. Toh so far pengalaman gue, pas sahur masih kerasa kenyang sisa buka tadi. Tapi sugesti gue kalo ga sahur bawaannya lebih lemes aja. Agak dilematis sih masalah ini, cuman gue ga begitu ambil pusing. Mulai tidur konstan jam 12 malem. Pasang alarm jam setengah empat. Kalo ada hasrat sahur ya sahur, sejam kemudian baru tidur lagi. Kalo ga hasrat ya tidur lah sampai jam 7. πŸ˜›

Apaan sih lo, Ndru? Puasa kok ngomongin lapar haus doang. Bukan itu kali esensi puasa.

Yee, sabar napah. Ini kan belom beres. Lapar/haus mah standar ya. Allah meringankan beban gue masalah perut, tapi godaan yang lain juga ga kalah seru. Godaan selanjutnya: ………. <to be continued>

About Kids

I just got back home from the bus station. Needed to get my pass recharged. On my way back to my place, a kid, a teenager I think, or the oldest my age (22 yo), took the same bus as me and he had a baby with him inside a stroller. And he was alone too. Lots of thoughts came through my mind. Is this his child? If it is, where is the mother? Is it his brother/sister? Is he a baby sitter? And then it happened, he leaned to the baby and put his hand on the baby and the baby reached it and held his fingers. My heart melted right that moment. The relation between him and the baby hardly even mattered anymore. If it really was his baby, then I applaud him for being so brave being a father. Not that I encourage teens parenting or whatever. If he is not the father, still I applaud him for loving the kid genuinely.

This train of thoughts led me to my long life dream, being a father. If I tell you, I have had the names of my children since I was like 14. I don’t really know why, but I really love kids. And I can’t wait to have one of my own. When I was in high school, I was dreaming of starting a family when I turn 22. Well, seeing how well the dream goes, I think I should pick another age target. πŸ˜›

I know that judging from where I stand now, it’s impossible for me to start a family anytime soon. I’m still studying abroad, haven’t got a steady income, no savings, and the most important is that I have nobody to start the family in the first place. And besides, I’m not sure I can convince any girls that I’m gonna be a good companion for a lifetime. It’s true, I’m a crappy boyfriend. But as I said to my friend a while back, I might become a very bad husband, but somehow I’m sure that I will be a great father. But when I think about it, the latter will not be put to test if I can not prove that the first one is not true. So, should I kiss my dream goodbye? *cry

I don’t really know where this post is going or what I’m trying to say, maybe I want to whore myself out to the world. Might as well write “ON SALE” on my forehead. But whatever, the young man just got me reminded of a little bit of dream a while back. I’m starting to be really curious what his relation is with the baby now. I wish I had asked. πŸ˜›

But anyway, that’s just a random little thought I have during the weekend. Just to keep you updated, I’m reading the hunger games series now. I’m on the last book already. This freaking series is so awesome. I don’t dare to say that it’s better than Harry Potter because it’s not really comparable or Percy Jackson for that matter. But what I can tell you is the books are awesome. MUST READ! I haven’t watched the movie yet which makes me wondering how it goes. Because in the books, most of the parts are Katniss being ddep in thought (since it’s written in first person perspective). I wonder how it is in the movie, will there be a lot of monologue in Katniss’ head as how Indonesian filmmakers tend to do (which IMHO is very silly)? Anyway, I should stop writing and start reading the third book. I am definitely going to write a post about the books. Just wait for it, it might not take that long. πŸ˜›

So, hmmm… Bye? *awkward

Internship and Summer Vacation, Baby!

Okay, for some of you who follow me on twitter or are a friend of mine on FB, you’ll be tired of this already because this is all I talk about over and over and over again. Oh please, Andru, don’t you have other things to tell us? And to you I reply, No! LOL.

Yea, my life now is mostly about internship and having fun in south of France. So, I can’t really say anything else. Well, there might some things that I might tell you not concerning those two things, but maybe later, okay? *wink

Okay then, let me be a nice reader and ask you, where are you and what are you doing now?

Well, good readers, I’m currently staying in a city called Antibes, it’s between Cannes and Nice. Okay, okay, I don’t exactly live in Nice, but if people say where I am, I’m gonna say Nice or sometimes Cannes, because those two cities are more popular. I know I’m that shallow. LOL. And besides, they’re just like 10 minutes away by train or may be even bus, I don’t know. πŸ˜›

In Antibes, I’m staying in a very lovely house of an Indo-Franco couple. It’s a very lovely house, so I really feel like home there. The room is spacious and has a balcony too, so everything is cool there. Not to mention, a swimming poool baby!! There is also another Indonesian staying there, Mas Imam, who apparently is an alumni of Informatics Engineering from my univ as well, just a few years before me. He’s working here and we’re working in the same town, Sophia-Antipolis. How cool is that?!

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Okay, if you’re confused now. I live in Antibes, but my office (or rather lab) is in Sophia Antipolis. Cool name for a city, right? It’s like a celebrity name from Indonesia. LOL. Never mind that, but yea, it’s like 10 minutes away (again) from my place, by bus. Every place seems like 10 minutes away from my place.

So, I got an opportunity to work in CNRS-I3S with my name-twin supervisor, Andrew Comport, on some stuff, I’m not sure yet whether this stuff is disclosed or not, so I’m not going to tell you much about that now. Not that you care anyway, :P. Yea, the job is cool, the work is cool, the people are cool. I’m working on this project with another French guy from Nice, Sebastien. He is a very nice guy, but doesn’t speak English very well, so there will be a lot of times when I will be like “Pardon? Comment? Quoi?” Ahahaa. And he will be frustrated and starts speaking in English.

Cool. Cool, but that’s all about work, what about the “vacation” part?

Well, I haven’t got to that yet. I only looked around the city of Antibes for a day, along the beach. It was very nice and sunny. All hot and sandy. I am planning to go to Cannes and Nice soon, I dont know when. Maybe, I’ll plan something out with Sebastien if he’s not having a date with his gf (*cry for being single*). I want to go to Monaco as well, but this one is kinda a long shot. Because I really don’t wanna go alone there and there’s no one around to ask. Maybe, I’m gonna ask Andrew for a ride to Monaco. Ahahaa.. He might say yes, :P. Yea, he’s that cool (*I hope*).

Antibes Beach

Antibes Beach

So, that’s it?

Yeaa, that’s pretty much it. Even though there were things happening as well during my moving out here. When I was in the train, my bank manager told me that somebody tried to use my CC to buy a website, I repeat, buy an effin’ website in the US. I was panicking like hell and replied to her as soon as possible. “NO, IT WASN’T ME!! NOOO!!” (Exaggeration might be added.. or might not). And I was checking my bank statement online. And hell, somebody already got into it and took some money from me. Noooo!!! Thank God, it wasn’t much but still!! My MONEEYYY!! So, I called a bunch of people. Asking Ajad’s help and Herma’s and everybody I could bother at the time. Thankfully, She managed to block my account and new card was being issued right away. So, after all those shenanigans, all problems have been taken care of and I got my new card already. Woohoo!! Pretty quick, huh?

So, yea. I’m just updating you with some stuffs that have been going on lately. That’s it. Oh yea, I got a new thing going on on my tumblr. It’s like code journal or something. I think I started it a while ago, but I stopped it because I just forgot about it. From now on, maybe I’ll start posting more frequently on my tumblr. Just check it out. If it ain’t your stuff, then leave. πŸ˜›

Bonnes Vacances a Tous!!!

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