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Un weekend formidable

Mengutip dari blog ibu Gabriella  yang judulnya sama persis ama blogpost ini. I just had a very great weekend. I went to Paris to see Pentatonix with her. And dayum, Pentatonix really blew all our minds. You can go see Gebi’s post about or watch the brief review here in this video:

And some extra fun stuff from the footage that I have:

As Gebi has elegantly put it, I think there is only one thing to say: thanks Ash Ketchum for letting these two pokemons run wild in Paris. 😀

Christmas and New Years Vacation

Disclaimer: OMG, I just realized this post wasn’t published. Ahahaa, kinda old news, but whatever. I’ll post it anyway.


Greeting human beings! How was your vacation? Did you have a killer time during the holidays? I DID!!

So, I spent my holidays in Indonesia since it was two weeks free. My dad told me that 2 weeks was long enough, so just come home! And I did! I already booked the tickets in early November, I guess. However there was a problem regarding my residence permit in France, which I haven’t received until a week before my departure. It was quite nerve wrecking, since tickets had been bought, as well as some souvenirs. But thanks to the fabulous mister univ secretary, my residence permit was ready just 5 days before my flight back home. So, my holidays were saved.

After two long flights and one long transit time, I landed in Indonesia safely. And 5 hours later, I took another flight to Padang, where my sister lives now. Eating a bunch of shit for 5 solid days, the most memorable one was jering! I can’t explain to you what it is, but this is one special food. It’s extra delicious if my aunt cooks it. I already tweeted my cousin the day before to tell her mother (the aunt) to make me a jering dish. It was awesome, so awesome that my brother in another city (Medan) asked me to bring him some. Lol.

Nom Nom NOm

Nom Nom NOm

I also did try some durians in Padang, however it was way disappointing. No flavor whatsoever. Another good point from Padang would be the beach. It was a cool afternoon watching the sunset, eventhough it was quite cloudy. But, it was somehow sweet and nice. Next stop, off to Medan, my bro’s place.

One of the things that I was super excited about being in Medan was seeing my precious nieces, Chiara and Aundra. Both are super cute and pretty. Especially, Chiara is 3 yo now, talking cute and stuff. Aundra is just a few months old, a pretty little girl that rarely cries. They’re super cute and super pretty, seeing them was awesome and saying goodbye was heartbreaking. Aside from that, I got to taste real durians in Medan. Damn, it was real good. I ate soo much, from craving to actually being sick of it. XD. Next stop, Bandung, where my heart actually belongs.

Me and Chiara

Me and Chiara

Noo, no, I didnt mean heart as in my girlfie or whatever. No, I am frikkin single, sadly (but happy). I spent the second half of my life in Bandung, from 10 to 21, so I consider this city as home. Most of my friends still reside there and a lot of places with nice memories. :-). First highlight would be the new year’s eve, with high school friends. My high school friends are actually like my family. Whenever I spend time with them, it’s always a great time. And new year’s eve was no exception. We started by cooking stuff and had dinner together. A bit of card games and off to the street where we watched the fireworks. The fireworks were awesome! Defo a night to remember. Not to mention the ruckus (a good one) I made during the night.

New Year's EVE!!!

New Year’s EVE!!!

I also spent a lot of time with my college friends. I should totally give a shoutout to Obbie, who was nice enough to drive me anywhere. Thanks, dude! We watched a movie, Jack Reacher, which was a weird movie if I must say, and ate a lot of shit as well. Next stop Jakarta, and off to France.

Unfortunately but inevitably, I have to go back to France, so a few days before my flight, I went to Jakarta and spent some time with friends. It was absolutely fun, meeting old and new friends, hanging out with my old family Creusotins who already moved out of Le Creusot. It was totally great!

Les Creusotins

Les Creusotins

So, overall. It was a really really good vacation. A country, four cities, 7 flights, a lot of car rides. There were some problems along the way (e.g. me losing my bag on my way bag to Le Creusot), but it didn’t really matter since I had a lot to be thankful for. Most of the items on my checklist are checked, so mission accomplished! Ate a lot of stuff, bought a lot of shit, met a lot of people. Now I’m back in France, ready to study and next time will come back to Indonesia, bringing a title following my name. Amen.

Have fun, guys!

PS: On one article I wrote a Terry Pratchett quote saying that leaving and coming back is not the same as never leaving. It’s true. 🙂

This Time, It’s Monaco!

Whatsup, pretty people!? How is your vacation going? Did you have a great eid? I hope all is well for you. For me, it’s going great. I’m in my last two weeks of internship. I’m so ready to go back to school. And last weekend I just had an amazing trip to Monaco. And this post will be all about the trip.

So, Monaco is a very small country (kingdom? not sure) which is famous for being the host of F1 races. It’s very close to the city where I live in. It only takes 40 minutes of train to get there and 2 euros away. So, last weekend I decided to go to Monaco. I’d been planning to go for quite some time, but I didn’t find quite the right time to go. And last weekend was just perfect for me to have a little vacation of mine. 😀

The weekend started pretty rough, because on Friday, I just realized that I booked a 9 am train to Monaco, which is hell early for the weekends. And when I got to the station, I found that my train was 2 hours late! 2 hours late!!! Thank God, there was another train heading to Monaco in just 15 minutes. Phew.

View just outside the station

View just outside the station

First impression of Monaco is, it was SUPER PRETTY!! When I got out of the train station, I was welcomed with this super awesome view. The hills, the roads, the sea, the boats, the trees, everything just seems so perfect, too perfect it even felt like it was plastic. After admiring the view for a few minutes, I took a trip downtown, right to the old town. To travel inside the city, there are bus lines that you can take which only cost 5 euros for a daily ticket and 2 euros for a one trip ticket. My suggestion is to get this daily ticket because you will absolutely take a lot of bus rides due to the cruel ups and downs.

Everything looked beautiful and clean. The big houses, the view of the blue sea, of the blooming flowers. Every sight was as breath taking as the previous ones. I’ve heard that the country was only for the rich, so I wanted to find out by eating in a quite decent restaurant. From what I saw, the prices were pretty much the same as in Paris or any touristic destinations. So, I guess the expensive part is not the food but the housing, which I didn’t find out because I was only there for the day.

As for things to do, I don’t think Monaco has that much to offer other than crazy beautiful views and beach. Well, that might be not true. You can try the boat ride and enjoy the famous Monte-Carlo Casino as well, if you’re rich that is. 😛


Which leads me to my resolution (kinda). For me, Monte Carlo is definitely the getaway destination, where you don’t want to be bothered and just chill. Because despite the many tourists around town, it didn’t feel overcrowded for me. I could still enjoy the walk in the park, the beach view and a lot of stuff, without the demophobic or claustrophobic feeling. So, I want to work real hard so I can have enough money to actually live here in my old days, or maybe just to have a vacation on every other summer to enjoy the breeze and the view of the hills and the sea. If you’re around, you should totally come visit!

Internship and Summer Vacation, Baby!

Okay, for some of you who follow me on twitter or are a friend of mine on FB, you’ll be tired of this already because this is all I talk about over and over and over again. Oh please, Andru, don’t you have other things to tell us? And to you I reply, No! LOL.

Yea, my life now is mostly about internship and having fun in south of France. So, I can’t really say anything else. Well, there might some things that I might tell you not concerning those two things, but maybe later, okay? *wink

Okay then, let me be a nice reader and ask you, where are you and what are you doing now?

Well, good readers, I’m currently staying in a city called Antibes, it’s between Cannes and Nice. Okay, okay, I don’t exactly live in Nice, but if people say where I am, I’m gonna say Nice or sometimes Cannes, because those two cities are more popular. I know I’m that shallow. LOL. And besides, they’re just like 10 minutes away by train or may be even bus, I don’t know. 😛

In Antibes, I’m staying in a very lovely house of an Indo-Franco couple. It’s a very lovely house, so I really feel like home there. The room is spacious and has a balcony too, so everything is cool there. Not to mention, a swimming poool baby!! There is also another Indonesian staying there, Mas Imam, who apparently is an alumni of Informatics Engineering from my univ as well, just a few years before me. He’s working here and we’re working in the same town, Sophia-Antipolis. How cool is that?!

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Okay, if you’re confused now. I live in Antibes, but my office (or rather lab) is in Sophia Antipolis. Cool name for a city, right? It’s like a celebrity name from Indonesia. LOL. Never mind that, but yea, it’s like 10 minutes away (again) from my place, by bus. Every place seems like 10 minutes away from my place.

So, I got an opportunity to work in CNRS-I3S with my name-twin supervisor, Andrew Comport, on some stuff, I’m not sure yet whether this stuff is disclosed or not, so I’m not going to tell you much about that now. Not that you care anyway, :P. Yea, the job is cool, the work is cool, the people are cool. I’m working on this project with another French guy from Nice, Sebastien. He is a very nice guy, but doesn’t speak English very well, so there will be a lot of times when I will be like “Pardon? Comment? Quoi?” Ahahaa. And he will be frustrated and starts speaking in English.

Cool. Cool, but that’s all about work, what about the “vacation” part?

Well, I haven’t got to that yet. I only looked around the city of Antibes for a day, along the beach. It was very nice and sunny. All hot and sandy. I am planning to go to Cannes and Nice soon, I dont know when. Maybe, I’ll plan something out with Sebastien if he’s not having a date with his gf (*cry for being single*). I want to go to Monaco as well, but this one is kinda a long shot. Because I really don’t wanna go alone there and there’s no one around to ask. Maybe, I’m gonna ask Andrew for a ride to Monaco. Ahahaa.. He might say yes, :P. Yea, he’s that cool (*I hope*).

Antibes Beach

Antibes Beach

So, that’s it?

Yeaa, that’s pretty much it. Even though there were things happening as well during my moving out here. When I was in the train, my bank manager told me that somebody tried to use my CC to buy a website, I repeat, buy an effin’ website in the US. I was panicking like hell and replied to her as soon as possible. “NO, IT WASN’T ME!! NOOO!!” (Exaggeration might be added.. or might not). And I was checking my bank statement online. And hell, somebody already got into it and took some money from me. Noooo!!! Thank God, it wasn’t much but still!! My MONEEYYY!! So, I called a bunch of people. Asking Ajad’s help and Herma’s and everybody I could bother at the time. Thankfully, She managed to block my account and new card was being issued right away. So, after all those shenanigans, all problems have been taken care of and I got my new card already. Woohoo!! Pretty quick, huh?

So, yea. I’m just updating you with some stuffs that have been going on lately. That’s it. Oh yea, I got a new thing going on on my tumblr. It’s like code journal or something. I think I started it a while ago, but I stopped it because I just forgot about it. From now on, maybe I’ll start posting more frequently on my tumblr. Just check it out. If it ain’t your stuff, then leave. 😛

Bonnes Vacances a Tous!!!

Euro Trip With Parents

Hey all. It’s been a month! Ahahaa, quite a long time. So, I just got back from my euro trip vacation with my parents.. Well not exactly “just got back”. The holidays ended more than a week ago, so yea. It was great, awesome, exhausting and everything else. Let’s go through the cities one by one.

First stop is Paris. My parents’ plane landed on 20th April and we started our vacation there. Well, Paris is.. Paris. Ahahaa, I’ve been there too many times, so quite boring for me. Well, except the fact that in this trip, I got to taste all the notaffordablewhenyoutravelalone stuff. Okay, to be fair, Eiffel is always breathtaking. The croissant and the chocolate are great too. Totally yummy breakfast. 😀

Mom and Dad ifo Eiffel Tower

Second stop is Brussels. Well, I had wanted to go to the city since forever! Waffles! YUM! Chocolate! YUMMIER! Menneken Pis, meeh so small! Atomium and Mini Europe, well those are quite interesting.

Waffles! Enough said!

Third stop is Amsterdam. This city is very interesting. It’s very crowded with loads and loads of bicycles. Traffic wise, it’s not very good looking. Trams, buses, cars and then cyclists are sharing the same route. Sometimes even pedestrians. But weirdly, it still gave me the spacious feeling about it. Just like Barcelona. The town has so many attractions and entertainments. Good people who speak English as well! I am definitely coming back to Amsterdam. After all, Mr. kazecul is coming to Netherlands, so yea.

Fourth stop is Berlin. Berlin is somehow a quiet one. Being spacious is definitely one of the treats. Such a nice city to live in. The east side gallery (The Berlin Wall) is also nice, with all the arts and stuff. I didn’t do much here actually since I don’t think it’s quite the touristic city type. But who knows, I might have just missed it. 😛

Fifth stop is Venice. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! The main drawback is the lacks of transportation choice. I just didn’t expect to pay good money just to get to the hotel. But since I was with my parents, well yea enough said. LOL. Anyway, the water taxi from airport to hotel was really breathtaking. The sea and the sights of unfamiliar islands are quite a cup of tea for an archipelago boy. It was great! The ports are nice with all the tourists. The narrow paths, the beautiful squares. Venice is just a great destination for honeymoon. Note to self: go back for honeymoon. 🙂

With mom, on top of the world. 😀

Sixth stop is Rome. The whole city looks like a museum. That’s what people say and that’s what I think as well. So many historical sites with sculptures and arts. Coloseum is quite the sight and Vatican as well. The pickpockets are as dangerous as people have been saying and they’re not subtle! I’m sure you can easily spot some during your trip there. 😛

Breakfast in Rome

Seventh stop is Pisa. Such a small town. The main attraction is of course the leaning tower. It’s quite a sight. Pizza in front of the Leaning Tower is a total must. 😀

Pushing the pisa, the default pose when you come here

Eight stop is Milan. Duomo is GREAT! With the cathedral and all shopping places around it. Fancy stuffs too, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and many other brands that are just too expensive for students like me. But of course, there are many affordable shops too. And going to Milan is not complete without spending some money on fashion, and that I did!

Ninth stop is Geneve. The city of watch, that’s what my mom calls the city. So determined to get herself a watch, she and my dad left me in a coffeshop for an hour. They were looking around the square to find some watches. But no such luck for my dad, he wasn’t that much interested in buying watches. Apart from the watches, the main attraction of the city is the lake and the water fountain. The water fountain shoots water up to 100 meters high!!! So amazing. There is a little artificial beach too along the lake shore.

So there you go, a very brief story on my more that two weeks holiday. Sorry I couldn’t give many details about it, to be honest I don’t really remember much, ahahaa. It was fun and it was great, that’s all I remember. Few bad things happened, but it doesn’t matter because we had so much fun. It could have gone better if I hadn’t had the assignments with me or if my parents hadn’t brought such big suitcases or if the bad things hadn’t happened. But well, it’s life, not everything is going the way we want it to be. 🙂

So, hmmm.. I don’t know. Bye? *awkward

Girona-Barcelona Trip

Hello. Whatsup people? It’s March already and it seems like a long time since the last time I wrote something here. Well, my life has been pretty much dull since the school started a month ago. But, little did you know that last week, we had a week off. It was a winter holiday or something like that. And since I promised my vibotian friends that I would visit them in Girona, so off I went to Girona on my birthday night, 24 February 2012.

Oh yes, speaking of birthday, there wasn’t any celebrations here. Kinda pale compared to my previous birthdays in Indonesia, which usually involve presents, pranks, surprises and everything. But I guess I’m growing old anyway, so those kinds of things are just not for me anymore. So, instead of celebrating the day, I stayed the whole day in my room, learning a new song on violin. And left for Dijon to catch the bus to Girona at night.

So, I had the trip with my silly friend, Ajad, one weird Nepali student. My other classmates didn’t want to come since it wasn’t the best season to visit the beaches. Well, that is true, but I figured that this might be the last relax week that we would have, considering the workload at the end of the previous semester. So, there we were, two students in Dijon, waiting for the bus to Girona.

The bus was one hour late, it was horrible, waiting in the middle of the night, cold and dark. After 9 hours of (mostly) sleeping  in the bus, we reached Girona at last. We were planning to come to the local culture trip with other students in Girona, but since the bus was late, we couldn’t make it in time. So, Michael (Ozan’s friend) picked us up at the station and took us to his apartment, where we would stay for the holidays.

First day in Girona, it was great. It was a major change. I mean, Girona is a real city as Le Creusot is a dead city. It comes with cafes, big buildings, shops, and everything. Not to mention the sun. LOL. It reminded me of the city where I lived in Indonesia, Bandung. Bandung absolutely looks nothing like Girona, but the ambience, the atmosphere, it’s almost the same. I felt really homesick at that time. But, determined to have fun, I could push those sad feelings aside and put a smile on my face. 😀

At night, we ate in this pizza place. It was kinda fancy looking but unexpectedly cheap. So, loved it! After dinner, we went to Corina’s place since she invited us to come over. And everybody was there! Well, not everybody, but at least most of them. They also put a balloon with “happy birthday”s written in many languages (Thank you for this, guys :’) ). We chatted for quite some time there. And then, we decided to go out. After a while, everybody was tired and we went home. 😀

Second day, Michael and Ozan took us to the beach. It’s called Sant Pol. It was so beautiful. FYI, it was Ajad’s first time to see the sea. Me, being the island boy (how Michael called me), put my shoes off, pulled my jeans up and headed straight to the sand and the water. IT WAS GREAT!!! It was the best feeling. The sand was warm, the water was a little cold. That was just great great! We had lunch too there, a fancy lunch. 😛

Sant Pol Beach

Third day, it was school day. Ozan left for school as me and Ajad went to Barcelona. We took a train, and 1.5 hours later we were in Barcelona. Oh My God!! Let me tell you, this is the first big city that I would love to live in! Seriously, it’s huge, with tall buildings, with lots of people, but still you have this spacious feeling about it. It was great! We went to the beach too, and stayed for two hours or so there, laying down, admiring the view. Just great! Another great point was: I found cheetos here!! I had been longing for this snack for a very long time, and at last I found it. I bought a small overpriced pack, determined to find non-overpriced ones in Girona. So, I went back to Girona with a mission. Ahahaa..

Ajad, looking cool on the sand

Ajad, looking cool on the sand

Fourth day, another school day. Me and Ajad decided to go to take the class with him and meet the others again. Educational vacation, wasn’t it? LOL. Well, after the class, I left with the Indonesians, Nolang and Angga, to stay for a night at their place. Nolang took me riding around town. We found Cheetos and I bought a bunch of them. 😀

Fifth day, go-home day. Ajad and me were leaving in the evening. So, we took one last trip around the city. We had a great lunch, which Michael had prepared for us. Big and Zhongyang visited and took us to the bus stop as well. The bus was late for half an hour. I panicked since I thought the bus had left us there. LOL

11 hours later. we got back to Le Creusot. Back to the foggy mornings, a little sad, but on the high note it was a great trip. Like a getaway from the routines in Le Creusot. Long enough to have a good trip and take a look around, short enough to make us want to come back. And I, for one, am definitely coming back! I want to spend more time in Barcelona and spend some time in Madrid as well.

Thank you for everyone. It was one hell of a vacation. 😀

Singapore – Life.Work.Fun – 4 Days Trip

Hi all. As some of you might have known, I’ve just had a quick trip to Singapore last weekend. If you’re wondering what I was doing there, well, keep wondering because I’m not going to tell, :P. So, anyway, that was actually not my first trip to Singapore. I’ve been here when I graduated high school, but my recent trip was different than the other one. How so? This trip was my first solo abroad trip. I’ve had abroad trips before, but all of them were not without company. Then, I was all by myself, buying tickets, reserving hotels, and all the shenanigans. Thank God, I didn’t have to pay the trip myself. 😛

Long story short, there I was at the airport, in the middle of a crowd, I had no idea where I was and where I was supposed to go. But thanks to Singapore’s great transportation system, especially the MRT, I managed to get to my hotel. Though it wasn’t without getting lost at some turns, but thanks to google map, I managed.

Okay, let’s just get to the chase. In this post, I would like to tell my opinions about Singapore. Though I know that I didn’t stay there long enough to actually grasp the idea or the feeling of actually living there, but whatever, I’m going to tell it anyway, :P. So, there are three parts that I would like to talk about, as mentioned in the title: Life, Work and Fun. Okay, so first, it would be:


Living in Singapore, can be quite a challenge, financially. Especially, if you are having a common Indonesian salary. Living in Singapore can be quite hard. But with Singapore salary standard, you can manage. For food, I think the price is 2 to 3 times more expensive than in Indonesia. But wait, the worst is the housing cost. Though in ratio, the different ratio is still about the same as the food, but the result price of the ratio is just unbelievable. For a standard 3×4 room, you might have to pay SGD400 per month. So, as for the living cost, no doubt it’s quite a burden.

But the expensive living cost is definitely worth the fabulous transportation system which is just simply great. The public transportations (as far as I’m concerned) are MRT, bus, and taxi. These three are a great help for many people in Singapore. This way, you can see way less cars, and breath way cleaner air than in Jakarta. Not only the means of transportation, the habit of the drivers is better. They wait for the pedestrians to cross the road and the pedestrians don’t cross the road if it says red. Everything is just well organized here. I don’t know whether it’s because the fine threat, but whatever it is, it’s causing great effect.

As for the people, most people that I encountered are Chinese and Indians, a few Malays. They are nice and friendly. But, since I’m not used to hearing or using Singlish, I had quite a hard time to understand them. Most people there (except the “bule”) don’t speak a clear American/British English. And they also had a hard time to understand me. Language-wise, it can be a barrier for some people…. like me.


As you all might have heard that working in Singapore can be very demanding at times. I can’t really say anything to this since I haven’t experienced working in Singapore. But, all I can say is, the escalators in MRT stations are way faster than any escalators in Indonesia. The elevators are way faster than any elevators I’ve tried in Indonesia. And the MRT is sooo fast. I don’t know if that actually indicates anything at all, but those things have got to count for something right?

Salary-wise, I think it’s *of course* higher that Indonesian salary standard. But compared to the living cost here, it’s not that high of a salary anymore.

The business district is pleasant to walk through. Great sidewalk for pedestrians, great car flow management on the road, great skyscrapers, just great. Compared to Jakarta (Kuningan, Sudirman, dll.), the buildings in Singapore are not as sophisticated nor as beautiful. But taking account the traffic and transportation, Singapore definitely kicks Indonesia’s behind very hard.


For those who can’t get enough shopping, I think Singapore would be a great place for you. Though I know, it doesn’t have as many malls as Jakarta does (fun fact I’ve heard, and spread actually, Jakarta has the most malls in the world), but I think Singapore has enough to quench your thirst for shopping. I don’t know how, but they manage to build MRT stations under malls. I don’t know whether that’s how all of the stations are, but where I’ve gone to, they all are. So, no need to walk far from the station to get your shopping fix.

If you’re not into malls, and more like a disneyland type of people, then you should try Universal Studio Singapore. I had a great time there, even all by myself. No, it’s not bad going there yourself. That way, you won’t have a conflict of interest of which venues you wanna go to. Though there is a downside, taking photos can be quite challenging, unless you have no problems taking photo narcissist-style all the way. If you are into the adrenaline-pumping roller coaster thingy, try battlestar galactica, the blue line, it is great! A sucker for musical, watch the mystery thingy (I forget the name) in hollywood section. There are many other things here that you can try.

And if you’re the beach type, no worries, they have it too here. Though I didn’t go there the last time, but I did the other time. It was a great beach. And plenty great views too (if you know what I mean, ;)). And I’m sure, Singapore has many more fun sites that you can visit which perhaps I haven’t been to or just not interested in.

All and all I had a very great time there, and Singapore surely did make a great impression for me. The whole trip made me want to work there. At least, try for a couple of months if not years. So overall: from my experience, Singapore is a possible choice of place to live in. NOTED!! 🙂

Al. Jerozolimskie, Novotel Centrum, Warszawa, Poland Day 1

Itulah alamat gw selama “berlibur” ke Poland tanggal 3 sampai 9 Juli 2010. Kesempatan ini gw dapatkan setelah memenangkan kompetisi lokal Imagine Cup Software Design Competition di Indonesia tahun 2010. Dengan memenangkan lomba ini, gw jadi bisa mewakili Indonesia untuk berlomba di tingkat dunia bersama puluhan negara lain. So, you can say it’s a world cup of geeks.

Perjalanannya ga mulus, ga semuanya berjalan sesuai rencana. Mulai dari kekurangan dana, sulitnya ngurus dokumen visa, bolak balik jakarta bandung 6 kali lebih, rehears rehearse and rehearse, dan tentu saja masih harus ngembangin aplikasinya. Dan semuanya dibuat tambah rumit dengan sidang TA. Tapi, semuanya untungnya berakhir indah. Dana Insya Allah mencukupi, visa keluar dengan indahnya, dan program.. well, you can say it’s enough and won’t be embarassing to present.

Perjalanan dimulai hari Jumat, tanggal 2 Juli 2010. Di terminal 2C gate 1 (kalo ga salah), bonyok nganterin dan didi mami beserta tami juga ada di situ nganterin. Kita berangchut ke hongkong, terus ke london baru nyampelah ke warsaw. Perjalanannya sangat panjang dan lama. di udara itu skitar 17.5 jam, di erpotnya skitar 6 jam. Jadi, lumayan lah. Cukup cape dan bikin jetlag.

Sampe di Warsaw, kita disambut ama mbak-mbak yang oke-oke. Imbaaa, cantik di mana-mana. Bahkan, yang menyambut kita aja cantik. Imba lah imba. Imbaa imbaaa… *lebai* tapi emang imba sih. Yah, cukup separagraf aja nih gw membahas kecantikan cewe-cewenya.

Jadi kita langsung berangchut ke hotel. Di hotelnya, kita registrasi imagine cup skalian check in hotel. Gw skamar ama ical, puja ama aloy dan tito sama mr. arnold. Mr. Arnold ini masih remain a mystery karena tito ga pernah pergi ke kamarnya ini, dia tidur di kamarnya wastu yang ga pernah tidur di kamarnya sendiri. Jadi intinya, tito tetep sendirian.

Well, pas nyampe karena super haus, kita semua ambil minum, merknya jurajska. Warnanya jernih, sepertinya enak. Pas diminum, gleg…… ADA RASANYAAAAA!! Dan rasanya ANEEEEHH!! And the horror creeped the hell out of us. Seminggu ke depan minumannya bakal seaneh ini. Yang lebih anehnya lagi ada versi bersodanya. Siapa juga yang mau minum air putih bersoda coba. Akibat kesulitan air putih normal, banyak di antara kami yang jatuh sakit. Efek dehidrasi. Tapi ada satu minuman imba: XL energy drink. Rasanya kayak kratingdaeng, tapi efeknya rruaaarr biasa. Selama 6 hari kegiatan berlangsung, 3200 botol XL berhasil dihabisi bersama. Ahahaaa,, geeks are all about the partay.. :))

Hari pertama ini kita missed lunch karena kelamaan istirahatnya. So, gw puja aloy ical keliling2 cari makanan, akhirnya kita ke KFC terdekat. Meskipun jam stengah 4 waktu setempat, sayangnya di sini ga ada paket attack, :P..

Cuacanya di warsaw imba banget. Mataharinya ada, tapi sangat breezy dan anginnya dingin. Kata stevi keadaan seperti ini cukup berbahaya karena lo ga merasa kepanasan, dan before you know it, lo udah item aja. Selain itu, traffic-nya sangat2 light, ga as crowded di jakarta, heck bahkan ga as crowded di bandung. Dan anehnya pas weekend justru toko2 banyak yang tutup.

Agak sore, kita bikin foto icup bersama negara2 lain dan video juga. Indonesia paling depan dooong. Cuman sayangnya ga di tengah. Terus, sesudahnya ada acara pembukaan yang menampilkan band terkenal abad ini. ZAKOPOWER!

Membawakan 20 tembang lawas (was it this many? Well, it felt like that..) khas poland (sotoy), zakopower successfully blew us away… away from the stage. Sumpah ga paham gw ama musiknya. Bagus siih, cuman aneh aja. Ditambah dengan background ganti2 yang agak terlihat seperti sekte gelap, basis yang super sok ngeksis, mbak backvocal yang saltum, temennya si mbak yang saltum juga, alat musik yang aneh2.. Seriously, it was weird. Cuma for the sake of politeness, kita nunggu ampe beres. Unlike the other teams, yang udah bail out dari awal2 banget.

Acara beres jam 8 or so, weirdly masih terang benderang kaya jam 4 WIB. Ternyata kalo summer kayanya begini deh. Matahari udah terbit jam stengah 4 pagi dan baru tenggelam jam 9 malem-an gitu. Keren keren. Ahahaa

Malemnya kita latihan sampe jam 12 malem. Masih stres karena besoknya harus presentasi dan dicampur keliyengan jetlag. It was excruciating.

Day one done, hari2 selanjutnya akan dilaporkan kemudian.. Mungkin digabung2 aja yak, ga usah sehari satu.

..To be continued..

Perjalanan Ke Medan

Hari senin lalu, tanggal 22 februari, chia (my niece) dibawa ke medan untuk akhirnya menetap dengan bundanya. Hari jumat lalu, tanggal 26 februari, gw pergi ke medan untuk makan duren ampe mabok menjenguk chia dan lagipula gw belom pernah ke medan, jadi mungkin ini kesempatan yang tepat.

Nyampe medan, yang pertama kali gw rasakan adalah: PANAS. Ahahaa.. Tapi, panasnya masih mending daripada panas jakarta. Atau mungkin itu karena kalo siang2 banget itu gw di kamar hotel atau di dalem mobil.. Jadi, ga kerasa panasnya segimana sebenernya di luar itu.

Kedua, mungkin karena udah lama ga ke sumatra (trakhir kayanya nikahan kaka gw, which was in Palembang in 2008), gw mengalami culture shock. Eh, then again, mungkin meskipun gw baru kemarin dari padang, gw bakal tetep culture shock. Kenapa? Karena banyak banget kebiasaan yang ngebuat gw tercengang di sini. Hmm, gw harap ga ada yang nganggep gw rasis, sukuis or whatevs, saya hanya bercerita. 😀

Hal-hal yang bikin gw shock salah satunya adalah: the way they drive. Menyeramkan. No wonder ada ekspresi “supir medan”, because yes they drive like they learn it from the video games. Like it’s okay to bump here and there a little, as if there were a pause button in real life. Udah gitu pas banget gw dapet supir medan banget. Setiap dia nyetir, yang di dalem mobil rasanya mau ngebantu ngerem-in si mobil. Pernah ga sih ngerasa gitu? Disetirin seseorang, he drives so bad sampe2 lo menendang2 pijakan lo, seolah2 lo ngebantuin ngerem.. Well, I definitely felt that way with this driver.

Terus, orang medan itu emosinya begitu banget deh atau ini cuman sopir gw doang ya? Dikit2 tuh kayanya mau brantem aja. Terus kmaren papa pas di erpot ternyata duduk sebelahan sama dua orang medan yang hampir brantem gitu, whatever their problem was. Di sini pun kayanya ga jarang ngeliat orang2 berenti di pinggir jalan, kaya lagi mau brantem gitu.. Teringat di palembang sih, where it’s common to hear someone being stabbed.. ahahaaa,.

Mostly itu sih yang membuat culture shock, the way people drive here dan their hot-headed habit. Sbenernya gw sebel banget tuh ama supir gw, cuman gw ga mau ngomongin kejelekan orang ah, ntar malah terdengar makin SARA. 😛

Yang membuat gw sdikit bingung adalah gw tidak bertemu dengan orang2 sperti ka tasya atau firman atau mel (mel dari medan kan ya? :P) di sini. Bahkan anak2 sekolahnya pun rada2 ngasal: pernah waktu itu, ada segerombolan cewe2 pulang skolah gitu, nyeberang ga liat kanan kiri. “-__-.. Bikin emosi aja. Mungkin karena gw bentar doang di medan kali ya, jadi yang gw tangkep is only the obvious.

Yah, begitulah rangkuman apa yang gw rasakan di medan. The food is great though. Banyak tempat2 makan yang kayanya seru buat dijelajahi, apalagi durennya. Bedeuuuhh!! Manstaaappp. Di jawa durennya kaga begini, di sini durennya bikin mabok, like literally. Ahahaaa..

Sekian postingan ini, saya harap tidak menyinggung siapa2 ya. Dan kalo ada yang tersinggung, saya minta maaf. Hehee..

jogja, last episode

hari ketiga adalah hari trakhir gw di jogja.. hoks hiks, sbenernya masi pengen rada lama, tapi gw pengen ikutan ngumpul sparta ama emang ada yang harus gw kerjain di bandung.. hehee,, so goodbye jogja..

hari ketiga ini ngapain aja?

pertama, kita pada bangun telat, jadi ga smpet solat di mesjid, hehee, trus sarapan dan masud nganterin gw ke lokasi taksi trdekat supaya gw enak nyari penginapannya.. hmm, gw dapet di jalan jagalan.. aji guest house,, hmm rada mahal.. pertamanya gw nyangka 150, ternyata 200 ribu saudara2 skalian.. mending gw nginep di hotel ibis skalian.. *gatau sih itu brapa duit.. tapi udahlah, udah dalam keadaan lemas masih mengantuk, gw sewa aja deh ni kamar..

oke, udah nyewa kamar, gw leha2 bntar, kamarnya enak, ada ac, ada tipi, lengkap lah.. terus skitar jam spuluh gw cabut ke malioboro, untungnya ga jauh2 amat dri malioboro, 200 – 300 meter kali ya.. gw ke malioboro nyari oleh2 niatannya, tapi masi aja ga nemu, akhirnya kaki gw mulai encok, gw berenti di mallnya dulu sambil menikmati iced chocolate nya jco.. :p, meskipun wisata begini, harus tetep ke mall dong.. hahahaa..

udah gitu, gw memutuskan langsung ke prambanan, langsung naik trans jogja dan naek 1A.. langsung nyampe di prambanan, well about an hour later lah.. terus, gw naik ojek untuk mencapai site si prambanannya itu.. oke, gw langsung girang karena prambanannya baguus.. dulu gw udah pernah ke sini, tapi entah knapa gw kok kayanya biasa aja ya dulu.. mungkin karena dulu masi smp, masi ga tertarik ama jalan2 beginian.. terus gw menghabiskan waktu dri jam stengah dua blas ampe stengah dua kayanya di prambanan ini,, udah puas foto2,, gw jalan keluar dan memeli souvenir2 lucu2..

terus gw pergi ke stasiun buat beli tiket pulang besok,, dari stasiun itu jam stengah empat kalo ga salah, gw makan di dket stasiun dan pulang lagi ke penginapan..

smpet terpikir untuk ke kaliurang, tapi meliat kondisi dompet kayanya ga mungkin dan gw ga mau ngambil duit di atm, kalo diambil pasti abis.. smpet juga kepikiran mau ke solo, jalan2 ama inas, tapi inas kan sibuk bo, ntar gw dikacangin pula di sana.. ya udah, stick to the plan, gw balik ke bandung jam 9 pagi..

skarang gw di penginapan, jam stengah lima sore, ntar malem brencana keluar lagi buat beli oleh2 makanan,, smoga masuda mau nganter2in biar gw ga usah jalan lagi, gempor bo kaki gw.. T_T, mana tadi jalannya kayanya lebih jauh dri kmaren.. huah,, smoga nyampe bandung kaki gw ga sakit lagi..

prambanan oke..
gagal kaliurang pengen ke tangkuban..
ayo ke tangkuban.. T_T

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