About “Si Oom”

Me at work with cool cam.

Hey, this is about me. My name is Andru. I am an Indonesian, 26 years old. Currently lost in France. For two full years, I was trying to figure out what epipolar geometry is all about, under the disguise of being a student. As for now, contractually bound to just chill at some lab in a hospital in Strasbourg until the end of 2016, and curiously watching nasty arousing appetizing interesting endoscopic videos. I am 5′ 10″ (178 cm), 135 lbs (around 62 kg), dark-haired, dark-eyed,  just another regular asian-born and -raised. Slightly cute and, not to mention, nice smelling. 😉

I love writing and reading, programming (nerd alert!), watching movies, and other usual stuff. Highly interested in music, trying hard to play as many instruments as possible. Current instrument goal: ukulele. Highly ambitious in languages, currently learning to speak French fluently. Addicted to shopping, let em be clothes or gadgets.

This blog is mostly me blabbering or complaining about stuff. I’m trying to make it as interesting as possible. If you want to ask something (maybe something about code or anything at all), don’t hesitate to contact me. See my tumblr as well here


4 responses

  1. wow,epic nice smelling ?

    1. Have you ever tried to smell me? I do smell nice. 😛

      1. entah kenapa agak gimana gitu membayangkanny

  2. Salam kenalll bang …
    Ramai terus blognya , dan selalu update artikelnya 😀
    Motivator Semarang

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